PLAY Expo Glasgow 2019 will feature a Cosplay Masquerade with a cash prize!
Saturday's Masquerade winner will receive a £200 cash prize, second place will receive £50, and there will also be awards for and  that will receive tickets to another of our events.
Sunday's casual community competition has a selection of prizes to be won. to be won both days for our younger contestants!
There will also be Junior Certificates to be won both days for our younger contestants!

Pre-sign up online at to guarantee your spot, or sign up on the day before 1pm at the Cosplay Desk. Enjoy up to 2 minutes on stage posing in character or performing a rehearsed routine and have a great time!

You can find out about our great guest judges below:

Axios Cosplay - 

Axios Cosplay

Axios Cosplay is formed from the duo Emma and Robert; they've been cosplaying together since 2013. They have attended a number of conventions across the country and taken part in several cosplay competitions. Their main interest is creating armor and props inspired from their favourite game franchises. They are most well known for their Halo cosplays!
You can find them on Facebook and Instagram!

WYSHcreative - 


Mike Lawson, also known by his company name 'WYSHcreative', is a digital artist and custom prop & costume fabricator. Mike has been creating awesome things  for the last 15 years, but he's found the cosplay explosion in recent times has energised his creativity. It has also allowed him to expand his skillset and to continue designing and building custom fabricated props, helmets, masks and armour. Be it huge fully fabricated armour, or that movie accurate prop piece, he’s tackled it all with great detail. A true child of the 80s he loves the 'nostalgia factor' and creates things from Comics, Video Games and Movies. Recently he has trasformed his hobby into a full time job and now freelances on various projects, from set building and special effects for movies to creating creatures, characters and costumes for TV. 
You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his website.

Draculuna - 


Draculuna began cosplaying in 2015 and hasn't looked back since- They had only ever planned to be a photographer for cosplayers but got drawn into the hobby hard and fast. Today they mostly enjoy building props and costumes for other cosplayers using a wide range of materials and techniques.  
You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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